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Medi Care will sponsor the event “A Tutto Volume”

In a territory as Ragusa, having a strong vocation for tourism and culture, Medi Care is actively committed as well and sponsors the event “A Tutto Volume” in order to cooperate and serve local community.

During its 13th edition, the every-year book festival of Ragusa will host several cultural events in June 9th-12th and it will give the city squares back to books, readers and authors.

In particular, we will attend three meetings:

• La Strategia dell’opossum with Roberto Alajmo, Friday, June 10th
• Cosa resta di Tangentopoli with Marco Travaglio, Saturday, June 11th
• Yesterday with Filippo La Porta, Sunday, June 12th

During the festival we will give away 2,000 canvas bags and some brochures. These days will bring people together in Ragusa and Medi care is proud to participate in and support this event. Feeding the mind and the intellect is the first step towards self-care.

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