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The Cooperative

We take care of your health at your home

We work day after day with passion and dedication in order to provide the patient with the best domiciliary care. We aim at planning a shared pathway with the patient in order to respond to the needs of children, elderly and disabled people.

From 1986 until today, we have worked in Sicily to deliver quality and cutting-edge services in patients’ homes. Thanks to our excellent services and a specialised team, we provide health and social assistance to those going through hard times or experiencing the consequences of traumatic events.

Indeed, our activities are planned in order to meet the person’s health needs and restore their well-being through care pathways and actions of social protection.

Our day-to-day

Day after day we guarantee everyone the right to domiciliary care and health, working hard to offer quality and cutting-edge services.
We carefully select and train our workers to respond accurately to our patients’ requests for help.

Our values


We provide our services according to equal principles with no discrimination, taking into account the requests and needs of each and every patient and offering tailored treatments.


We are open to claims, proposals, suggestions, and opinions about our services in order to involve the patient in every decision.

Team work

Our goals are never personal and to achieve them we work side by side and share decisions in the exclusive interest of the patient.


We don’t fear change and for this reason we make sure our workers are constantly trained and updated to deliver innovative services in line with the new healthcare and paramedic techniques.

Our workers

We build trusted relationships thanks to the work and commitment of our workers.

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Our projects

We take part in interesting projects to improve social inclusion and wellness as well as the rights of people with disabilities.

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