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Assistance for students with disabilities

What is Assistance for students with disabilities?

Law 104/92 establishes that “In schools of every levels – provided that, within the meaning of Presidential Decree 616 July 24th 1977 and subsequent amendments, local authorities must provide assistance to foster the independence and personal communication in students with physical and sensory disabilities – support activities are guaranteed by means of specialist teachers”.

Specialist assistance aims at the integration and socialisation of the student within their class and school, as well as at their independence and personal communication, learning and relationship improvement in order to avoid marginalisation.

This service is free and guaranteed by local authorities.

What kind of services?

Medi Care provides all kind of services concerning assistance during school hours. Among others:

  • Specialist assistance through ASACOM qualified professionals
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Home-to-school transport and vice versa
  • Transport to rehabilitation centres during school hours

Who is eligible for this service?

Disabled students attending school and with a regular certificate issued by Child Neuropsychiatry.

Request Assistance for students with disabilities

To receive this service, parents provide the certificate issued by the Child Neuropsychiatry to the school and then address the local authority. As for kindergarten, primary school and middle school, the competent authority is the municipality where the student lives; whereas, Libero Consorzio Comunale of Ragusa (the province) has the competence to provide this service to high school’s students.

Upon receipt of the request, the competent offices will get in touch with the family to monitor the student’s needs and start the necessary services, telling the cooperative the times and modalities of the service.

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